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Online travel, with the best music, during the Corona Lockdown on Music World Map!

Many bands and singers have written songs about places, cities and countries around the world. The most beautiful songs about love and romance, war and tragedy, events and memories are often linked to a particular place in the world. This music connects cities and people around the world.

Support Song Corona Crisis Netherlands

The number “17 Milllion People” is a cover of the classic “15 million people” by Fluitsma & van Thijn. The Song (written by Snelle) is dedicated  to all social workers, medical employees, stock clercks, teachers and all other 17 million people in the Netherlands

Re-experience the music in a special memory of a place or song, or just listen to the song for the first time for a story about the city you are visiting. Or maybe you would like to hear some music about the place where you were born and raised. And do you know what music was written about your home town? You’ll found out by zooming in at the Music World Map and click on the music markers. Search quickly in the “search-place-field” directly to the location, or search for the name of the song, band or singer in the “search-music-field”. Use the “categories” to filter, for example music, countries, continents or festivals. Quickly find the most beautiful music about the places nearby.

The selected YouTube music video opens on the map in the “music-info-field” and can be played instantly. The music really comes to life when activating “streetview” in the music-info field while listening and viewing the song. Now you are literally in the middle of the song. Discover the backgrounds of a song by opening the lyrics, wiki about song, band, singer or place. Take a trip to the website of the band or singer and visit the artist on Spotify.

Share your information or opinon with us and add a ranking into the music-info-field on the worldmap. Do you have nice suggestions for songs that are about a specific place somewhere in the world? Let us know. Join us in our music world that connects us. The story, the place, the video clip, the lyrics, the route to the musicplace ….within 2 clicks you will enjoy a complete music experience on the Music World Map. 

Peace begins by feeling and understanding
the music of others across the border!



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